Take a dive into the Digital Ocean

Take a dive into the Digital Ocean

I have recently switched this site over to Digital Ocean. I have been trying their fast SSD cloud hosting service for a while and there was only one thing to do: switch.


The product they offer is essentially a VPS in the cloud. There are many others that offer the same product, but what sets Digital Ocean apart is the speed and ease of use. They claim that they can “Deploy an SSD cloud server in less than 55 seconds” and yes, that is a valid claim. You can choose the level of “difficulty” yourself by picking just a bare OS or have some apps pre-installed.

Just give it a try.

Getting an account

You can signup here. Don’t worry, you wont pay a thing yet. They only charge money for active running droplets (a droplet is their name for a VPSVPS instance).

Creating a droplet

You can choose a droplet ranging from 512MB/1CPU/20GB with 1 TB data to 96MB/24CPUs/960GB with 10 TB data. That should satisfy most hosting needs. The prices start at €5.00 per month and go up as you get a bigger droplet.

You then get to pick the region where the droplet will be deployed. Currently you can choose from Amsterdam, New York (2x) and San Francisco. They added one new region since I signed up so I expect there will be more to choose from in the future.

After your droplet is created they sent you the mail containing the ip number and login credentials. And that is it… from there on you are on your own and you can do whatever you want! For people without a lot of web server setup experience they have a wonderful tutorial section on their site.

So, dive into the Digital Ocean, create your droplet and go for a swim!

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