Fireshell, a boilerplate and workflows using Grunt and Sass

I have found this little gem a few days ago. Fireshell by Todd Motto is a great package to get your developing up and running. As the developer puts it himself:

The opinionated FireShell framework. Built for the modern developer. For teams and the individual, encouraging a better workflow. JavaScript task running, build processes, autominification and file concatenation, wrapped with an enhanced HTML5 boilerplated framework.

And that is exactly what it is!

I have been working with CodeKit for the past year and I love it a lot but after using Fireshell a bit this might change. It showed me that using grunt for all the heavy lifting is not that hard -at all-. Another benefit is that my unfortunate windows using colleagues will profit from this goodness as well.

So I’ll probably change it here and there to suit our workflow, my brain is already incorporating require and bower as well!

Watch this movie about Fireshell

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