Simon’s List – Week 39

So I have decided to do this weekly thing of blogging the interesting stuff I found previous week (even old news i just encountered for the first time). Why? Because I figured this is a nice way to keep those things available to myself :-). Bookmarking doesn’t work for me, it all gets lost in the ever growing list of things I should remember so I hope by posting these weeklies I’ll have my own little archive of good stuff.
And if in the process anyone else enjoys these posts, all for the better! I even welcome suggestions, links and comments to get the thing going.

Lets go!


I have been reading about reactive programming in Objective-C a bit but it was hard to wrap my head around it. Somehow it doesn’t really fit the platform. But a few days ago I found Reactive.js it hit me that HTML/DOM/Javascript IS the perfect platform for reactive programming! Reactive.js lets you do that. Highly recommended!


PACE is an automatic page load progress bar. Big deal? Kind of, it is automatic and “themeable”. There are some pretty themes available or you can create your own.

Writing Client-Side JavaScript Modules, AMD, RequireJS & the “wrapper” Module

A solution to the common problem when writing your JavaScript in modules.


Gets your development started on the right track! This project is a great start to building your own “boilerplate framework”.

Meet the Ipsums

For those times that content is hard to come by. When you’re doing it right you shouldn’t need these but unfortunately the world isn’t always that perfect place.

.psd fonts

Figure out what fonts are being used in a psd without trawling through badly labelled layers. I really do not understand why this isn’t a default Photoshop feature since, lets say, version 1.

PHP DebugBar

Debugging in PHP has never been easier. Integrates easily in any project. Ideal for when xDebug or Zend debug aren’t an option (which is always thanks to this project :-) )

Alfred Workflows

Workflows for the amazing Alfred launcher

polyfill makes web development less frustrating by selectively polyfilling just what the browser needs.


UMD (Universal Module Definition) patterns for JavaScript modules that work everywhere.

Till next week. well…. if I keep this up ;-)

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