Simon’s list – Week 41

Hi! This is my third installment of “Simon’s list”, I must have broken all my blogging records by now ;-) This week it’s a mixed list about UX, performance and some tools to make your development workflow better.

Interface tools for Photoshop

This photoshop plugin groups the most useful tools you need for interface design. Snapping, centering, trim and more.

UX Apprentice

Want to learn the basics of UX design? This website teaches you just that. It’s to the point, clear and provides real world examples.

The ultimate guide to UX

This Udemy course is a great start into UX. David Travis walks you trough the entire process in plain English, humor even! It’s not free but worth the investment. One tip: use your Google skills to find some Udemy coupons.

Digital Ocean

Yeah, I have mentioned this one before and I’ll probably mention it again… That is because I really really like these guys! No nonsense, fast, do whatever you want VPS hosting with high availability. Full disclosure: that link up there contains my referral code, it gets me some credits when you sign up. You would do the same, right ;-)


The JSHint website had been renewed. It hints your code in real time! When you aren’t using JSHint, you should! Go to the site, type some Javascript and see what JSHint does for you.

Performance tooling by Paul Irish

This video shows some tools that help you maximize performance. I had some great performance related links in Simon’s list – week 40 as well. I can’t stress the significance of performance enough.

BlinkON videos

The BlinkOn conference is a “low key conference for Blink contributors” but they where kind enough to put the video’s and slides online for all of us to watch. It is Blink oriented but it gives you a nice insight into browsers and the way Google is going with Blink.

Emmet (is Awesome)

I’m sure that most of you know Emmet (or Zen coding as it was called before). But for those of you who don’t know Emmet or forgot half of its features, this video screencast is for you!

How to start using Sass and Compass in 10 minutes

Time to plug my former colleague and good friend Gaya. This article sets you up for Sass and Compass. There is no excuse for not using it after you have read this article ;-). And There is a lot more usefulness on his blog!

That’s it for this week. And again, feed me useful stuff. I can never get enough :-)

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