Simon’s List – Week 40

Another week, another list of usefulness! Please let me know when you have stuff to share, both of you!

Style Tiles

What are style guides and how to use them. I like this principle, way way better than BDUF projects.

Performance Matters

This (a list apart)[] article outlines what the W3C is doing for us regarding web performance.

Responsive Design is Not About Screen Sizes Any More

Another piece about performance. This one talks about the why a bit more. No more excuses to neglect this.

MOAR performance, or Tools for image optimization

Talking about the need for performance is one thing, how to actually achieve is is another. This article starts by giving you tools to optimize images, thus, speeding up the download potion of your page load.

Be nice for W3C et al

While we are on W3C, this is Domenic Denicola’s talk at LXJS. He talks about what it is that standards bodies actually do and why we shouldn’t be so harsh on them.

git – The simple guide

When you’re planning to start using git, good! This site will help you to get going without filling your brain with scary merge situations and big-team-interdiciplinary workflows.

Responsive Inspector

This Chrome plugin helps you to make your media queries visual. Very useful when developing responsive web layouts.

OS X Tips and Tricks

This StackExchange site is full of geat tips for Apple Power users! Find out about hidden features or increase your productivity.

Manage your aliases in the cloud. Share yours with others and discover new ones. Pretty usefull when you find yourself working in the terminal often.


  1. Gaya · October 7, 2013 Reply

    Thank you for another great list.

  2. Simon's list - Week 41 - Simon says - Simon says · October 11, 2013 Reply

    […] shows some tools that help you maximize performance. I had some great performance related links in Simon’s list – week 40 as well. I can’t stress the significance of performance […]

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