A new attempt to blog!

This is another attempt at starting a “blog”. Although i’m not sure it will turn out, i will try to post interesting stuff every once in a while.

My goal is to post about my line of work which is “The internet”. Expect code, inspiration, tools, tips ‘n tricks and opinions about all kinds of stuff. The main objective is to share knowledge and to learn!

I’ll post a piece about myself one of these days, talking a bit about what i do and stuff like that.┬áBut the first thing i have to do is create a design / theme for this site. Since i haven’t touched WordPress in ages it might take a while to get it to do exactly what i want. Anyone have some good resources or tips, please share!

By the way, this site is running on Appfog and it literally took about 5 minutes to set it all up. That is really amazing, so great to live in this age of the internets!

See you later,


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