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Writing a piece about yourself is hard! I’m just a web developer from Eindhoven, simple right? Are you still interested in my skill and more:

Simon@eindhoven on Macbook ~ $ man Simon
Simon(8)                                                              Simon(8)

       Simon  -  Front  End  Web  Developer with nerdy genes and communication

       Simon [--shortResume] [--skills] [--tools]

       Simon is an allround web developer from Eindhoven. Always  looking  for
       some new technology to learn about.

       With 10+ years of experience it is time for the next level. Looking for
       opportunities of growth and new challenges.

              Currently employed at Twisted Interactive as senior  web  devel-
              oper  (since  2005).  Before  that  i worked as web developer at
              Koreman Studio's (from 2002 till 2005) and  before  that  I  was
              self-employed  with  some friends as Mediamannen from 2001-2002.
              Even further back i was working as hard / software  engineer  at
              Excel technology from 1999 till 2001.

              Front-end web development
                     Naturally  this  means  semantic and validating HTML5 (or
                     DHTML if you're stuck in the 90's).  When  frameworks  of
                     any  of  these  are  needed  i can and will use them (ie.
                     jQuery, Angular, Susy, Compass etc.). My goal is always a
                     clean,  optimized  webpage  that  works  on any screen or
                     device. Being a front-end web developer in current  times
                     is  great! Never have i see a field progress this far and
              Back-end development
                     As far as CMS's go  i  have  experience  with  ModX  and,
                     preferably, Symphony-CMS (check it out, it is cool). I am
                     slowly getting to know Laravel and i like it, a lot! As a
                     back-end  developer versatility is becoming a much appre-
                     ciated asset so my knowledge is to be  extended  to  Node
                     and/or  Ruby  as  soon  as  there is some free time to do
              IOS development
                     I have worked with Objective-C and Xcode off and  on  for
                     the past 3 years. I'm not at the skill level where I want
                     to be yet, but i can get things done!  I  love  my  Apple
                     devices  so  IOS  development was a natural thing to dive
              Mobile development
                     Using tools like Phonegap i am able to create cross-plat-
                     form mobile applications. Mobile development is more than
                     just creating a "web app" or making a website responsive.
                     It's the way you approach the entire user experience.
              Networking, Hosting, System maintenance
                     My  IT  background  blessed  me  with knowledge about all
                     kinds of stuff in the "system  operator"  sphere.  I  can
                     configure DNS servers, set-up web/mail/file servers, plan
                     and setup a network, create shell scripts,  setup  a  git
                     workflow etc. I have no ambitions to be a sysop but it is
                     quite handy to have knowledge about the systems i work on
                     and deploy to.
                     I  almost forgot about this, but i was actually a skilled
                     Flash developer once! I haven't done any  Flash  projects
                     in  the last year(s) but i'm sure it all comes back to me
                     when i need it.Truthfully, AS3 is one  nice  language  to
                     code in!
                     When  there is something i do not know i'll try to figure
                     it out. This means that i usually get done what needs  to
                     get  done!  I  love  to  learn,  I'm  a sponge, knowledge
                     horder! I have been called a "walking encyclopedia"  once
                     ...  probably an encyclopedia with al lot of useless info
                     though, i have this thing that  I'm  interested  in  just
                     about everything that slightly intrigues me.

              The  tools that i use are changing all the time! This is kind of
              a current list: CodeKit / Compass /  PhpStorm  /  SublimeText  /
              Xcode  /  Photoshop  /  Illustrator / UglifyJS / Grunt / iTerm /
              Coderunner / Coffee / Macbook

       My name is Simon de Turck. I'm lining in  Eindhoven,  the  Netherlands.
       You can contact me by:

       Twitter: @zimmen

       E-mail: simon - and i assume you can figure out the rest

       Linkedin: simondeturck